Moskea Malta, the Only Mosque and Islamic Center in Malta

Had a glance at Tarxien temple and outside hypogeum, we left for the only mosque in this mini state. It lies in the town of Paola, short walking distance from Hypogeum. I dont know exactly what's the name of the bus stop near the mosque. Since I did not see any name on it. But you can ask the locals or the bus driver. Paola is a busy area in Malta. Many city buses pass through this area.

We walked through some Maltese streets, admired their unique windows and constructions. The top part of the buildings jutted forward and had brighter colors than the building itself. It usually made of woods.

Part of the mosque's minarets was visible from hypogeum. It's like our guide to get there. But on the way, we got confused, made some other rounds, but happily reached it in the end.

The mosque's complex looked deserted that late afternoon. Besides stands a house and a school complex. It is said that there's also an Islamic center and an elementary school with national curriculum. Subhanallah. I think it's unusual among catholic majority population. According to Wikipedia, the population of muslims in this country is only about 3000 people. This great mosque had been stood since 1978 on assistance from the World Call Islamic Society, a Libyan Islamic foundation.

The main entrance of the mosque was locked. Fortunately a young man stood in front of it. he later opened the door, told us that women's prayer room could be accessed from the back side of the mosque.

We parted ways. I and Big Sist walked towards the rear. While my husband brought the Lil Bro through the main entrance. We found women's prayer room was unlocked. We both signed. There's two more doors in it, One to the toilet and washing room, another is the prayer room. I wore a pair of flip flop I took near the wash room. COld water was so refreshing. I drank it, washed myself, had a wudhu.

I saw a hanger stood in the room with mukena (woman's all body cover for praying and some headscarfs). I never knew an European mosque provide them earlier. We prayed dhuhur and ashar together. Then sat down, took some rest after a busy traveling day. But not too long, I catched my camera, snapped some pictures. On my left, I saw a window opened. I saw man's prayer room from it. My husband prayed. Two other men were reading the Koran. Compared to some big city's mosque in Germany, this mosque's interior was not so great. But it's quite magnificent and comfortable. And just has one floor praying room.

When my husband and Lil Bro were still praying, I let Big Sist used the time to be in the playground. I watched three other children cycling together in the mosque complex. Maybe the children from the Imam. We're glad we had time to see this mosque anyway.



  1. Alhamdulillah, senang baca tulisan ini. Ternyata ada Masjid gede di Malta :) eh lupa, salam kenal dari Palembang, mbak ^_^